How a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Comes to the Rescue

The law treats you as a pedestrian if you're moving by foot. As such, you're a pedestrian when walking, running, jogging, hiking, or even sitting or lying, depending on where. In case you're hit by a car while travelling by foot, you may engage a pedestrian accident lawyer to help pursue compensation for any injuries, damages, and losses resulting from the incident.

Granted, pedestrians are given the right of way at certain designated areas, including crossways. Despite those rights, you need to be wary when walking closely to traffic, especially when crossing a busy intersection. You also need to be careful when walking along a sidewalk, and you can't lose your guard when sitting and waiting at a bus stop. It follows that the majority of car accidents involving pedestrians are caused by drivers who weren't paying attention or were involved in other outlawed driving habits.

For example, a driver may be at fault for hitting a pedestrian if they were negligent at the time of the car accident. A speeding driver is also breaking the law, and therefore at fault in case of any car accident. Driving while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs is a traffic violation too. Not giving way to someone walking across an intersection and texting while driving are also practices that can cause car accidents, with the driver being at fault. Here's a good read about  bike accident attorney, check it out! 

So, if you've been injured in a car accident while you were traveling on foot, make it a point to call your pedestrian accident attorney. The lawyer will be interested in helping investigate the accident and file a claim with the insurer of the driver of the car that hit you.

Once you invite a pedestrian accident lawyer, they'll approach the driver and their insurance company so that negotiations for a settlement can begin. Typically, many insurance companies are willing to avoid a potentially protracted compensation lawsuit, and they'll negotiate and pay up.

Though rare, you may still need to go to court when negotiations for a fair settlement fail. Your car accident lawyer will represent you there. Their responsibility will be to demonstrate to the court that you should be paid the amount you're asking based on the injuries, suffering, and costs incurred.

You can always count on a pedestrian accident attorney to represent you effectively during negotiations for a settlement after you've been hit by a car. The lawyer does not charge you anything until you're compensated.